Information Management

As the volume of data in your company increases, your IT organization must find new ways to turn information into a strategic asset. You must be able to cost effectively capture, manage, analyze and deliver large and growing amounts of data.

HP Information Management solutions can help you make better, faster decisions with improved business insight; meet your compliance requirements; and reduce the cost of document and information management.

It is worth mentioning that Hp IM is part of HP IT Performance Suite which is designed to measure and improve IT performance at a comprehensive level via an IT system of record approach. The HP IT Performance Suite gives CIOs the ability to optimize application development, infrastructure and operations management, security, information management, financial planning, and overall IT administration.

Compliance & e-Discovery

Capture, archive, search and retrieve the data needed for corporate governance, legal and compliance demands. These solutions consist of:

  • Information Retention and Archiving
  • Data Retention & Guardian Online for Service Providers (DRAGON)
  • Medical Archive Solution (MAS)

Business Continuity & Availability

Protect and ensure the availability of your business critical information. Our solutions include the Information Availability offering, which enables your IT organization to back up and recover data using different levels of data protection based on application specific needs