BIRD: Bundle Intelligent Rapid Deployment


HP’s BIRD tools help you do more with less resource. You can dramatically improve current operation of critical business applications with minimum investment. The ROI is high, especially with these small bundles

Fingerprint BIRD solution has low entry point. As your needs grow, our solutions will grow to meet your needs.

HP’s products have strong capabilities to integrate with other software through open APIs. We have several partners who deliver custom solutions and our extensible infrastructure is easy to use and implement


Fingerprint BIRD offers each solution as complete service that can help you get started in days with almost no additional investment in hardware management. You also receive guidance and best practices regarding product usage through BIRD

One of the main benefits for the BIRD is Quick, affordable and you can see the quick wins.


The popular children’s game shoots and ladders can be used to illustrate the advantage of working with a BIRD model and taking a short cut on your journey to success.   Implementing a new solution is a journey between the vision and actually achieving concrete business value.   IT organizations have a series of steps they must accomplish before they start to use the software. These steps include procuring the hardware, ensuring the performance and availability of the application, and ensuring that all of the right user groups are trained.  It typically takes 3 - 6 months to accomplish these initial phases before the software can be put to use.  


Simply put, BIRD is a low-cost way for you to obtain the same benefits of commercially licensed, internally operated software without the associated complexity, risk or cost.


Why Fingerprint Bird Solution?

  • First, we support the leading BTO portfolio and its integrations across the BTO portfolio and to your existing investments. And our software is developed with integration as a key priority.   Our customers can integrate across the portfolio, and with on premise solutions such as single sign on or data management applications. 
  • Second, we strive to ensure you adopt what you purchase.  We assign a technical account manager to work with your team during implementation and provide the initial training.  The technical account manager also works with your team throughout the term of the engagement, providing mentoring and suggestions based HP best practices. 
  • We have the maturity and expertise in delivering software as a service that our competitors do not have.


Finally, we provide you with the flexibility to transition between an on premise deployment and BIRD when you are ready.