MOBeye Solution provides End to End Management for business transaction tracking mobile service request (Money Transfer, Roaming Activation, Check balance…etc). 

MOBeye can track End user transaction and drill down to track the transaction into backend (Application, DB and Systems).  It will also reflect the mobile business request in terms of business transaction and automatically re-constructing the business transaction.


This solution enables Mobile operator to manage an agreed level of service from a business perspective. It provides service level agreement (SLA)-compliance reporting for complex business applications in distributed environment.


Solution will address if there is a problem processing a single transaction or multi-transactions, where after; it will show where things went wrong, the data to isolate problems and bottlenecks, end to end, in complex transaction processing environments.


The Solution also will address if there is transaction processing problems, what are they doing to the business? Who and what is impacted, and to what extent? What is the financial impact? Also Mobile operators will be able to get the needed data to understand the impact of transactional problems on their day to day business operations.


MOBeye enables Telecom operators to control their SLAs End to End, extending from the Mobile access network domain to transport and IT domains. This is reflected in the below diagram as per TMF Service Level Management Handbook Volume 2 GB917-2.