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Fingerprint consultancy technical consultant successfully implement all Hp "Business Technology Optimization" portfolio of products; which is an approach to IT management and a category of software that enables IT leaders to reduce costs and make better business decisions. It is based on two key principles:

  • Strategic initiatives such as IT-business alignment, business application deployment and upgrades, and compliance are most likely to succeed if they are focused on specific business outcomes.
  • IT organizations that take a holistic, lifecycle approach can bridge the gaps between IT strategy, applications and operations teams.

This aligns the efforts of these teams vertically with lines of business and horizontally with one another, driving business results and at the same time promoting IT efficiency.

The primary benefit of engaging Fingerprint to assist you in the assessment of its information security risk is the opportunity for a rapid and comprehensive determination of information security exposure coupled with specific actionable items to mitigate the identified security risks. The assessment results will enable you to understand where it is today, where it needs to be, and define the tactical objectives to achieve the security level required.

HP Software Solutions

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