HP IT Performance Suite


HP Performance Insight

HP Performance Insight helps you implement service level management by monitoring the systems, networks and applications making up a service. It collects, analyzes and summarizes management data from any source and can be tailored for any audience. This software offers out-of-the-box reports for HP software tools and prepackaged reports on a range of network protocols and devices. It also delivers full customization capabilities to meet specific business reporting needs.

Key benefits
  • Gain insight into how systems and networks are affecting the performance of your services
  • Compare and correlate performance between various domain disciplines
  • Improve capacity planning and forecasting by implementing as a statistical analysis tool and reporting portal
  • Establish unified fault management and performance management by integrating with automated network lifecycle management (ANLM).

Fingerprint Consultancy acquires the most talented and highly skilled ITSM Consultants in the region helping our customers to shift IT investment from maintenance to innovation and dynamically link business and IT.

Fingerprint covers Hp IT Performance Suite which is designed to measure and improve IT performance at a comprehensive level via an IT system of record approach. The HP IT Performance Suite gives CIOs the ability to optimize application development, infrastructure and operations management, security, information management, financial planning, and overall IT administration.

The Suite enables IT executives to invest and lead with confidence by providing unparalleled visibility, continuous improvement and mastery of the business of IT. It is worth mentioning that Hp "Business Technology Optimaization" is located under the umbrella of HP IT Performance Suite whith the below products:

HP Service Manager